At CULTURE KIDS and CULTURE TWEENS, the mission is to help children and pre-teens find their way to God, connect with others, and contribute to changing the world.

We believe that kids have the capacity to walk intimately with God, and we love to see them learning about and connecting with Him through the Bible stories, songs, games and crafts.

Who's Involved?

Every Sunday morning we provide a safe environment for children from birth through seventh grade where they can learn about Jesus and connect with each other.

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry, and it’s an honour to serve with each and every one of them as they love on your kids each week! Every volunteer who leads in Culture Kids and Culture Tweens has had a background check and is committed to making the ministry a safe, Biblically relevant, and fun environment for your children. They have taken a "Children and Youth Protection and Safety Procedures"  course which is outlined in our Child Protection Plan Policy.

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How Should I Prepare My Kids?

Each Sunday, you will need to check your child into Culture Kids or Tweens. Join us upstairs at the  Check-In desk and we will print out a name tag, and a claim tag will be given or printed for parents to present at Check-Out for the younger children. Both formats will include your child’s name as well as information regarding specific allergies. From there you will walk them to their age-specific classroom. When you return at the end of service Check-Out your child by signing them out, then handing the claim tag to the teacher.

Thank you so much for helping us as we strive to make Culture Kids & Culture Tweens a safe environment for your children to learn about God.