The Christian faith is one of giving, for "God gave his one and only son..." (John 3:16) and because of that, we give in all areas of our lives.

Your wallet represents more than just your money; it represents your hard work, time, and heart attitude towards God. May you know the blessing of being generous towards the Kingdom with your money, time, and talents!


Our debit machine is available during office hours and on Sunday mornings, if you would like to use it.

We also have an offering box in the lobby to deposit your gift anytime throughout the service. Make cheques payable to "Surrey Pentecostal Assembly".

If you give cash, please fill out a giving envelope to receive a tax receipt.

Church Center/Planning Center Giving

Send your donations to: 

Recipient Name: Surrey Pentecostal Assembly

Email Address:

Amount: $$$ 

NOTE: Donations no longer require a security question and answer. Your donation will be directly deposited into our bank account. It will be assumed that all donations given in this way are for our general budget/tithe unless otherwise instructed.

Automatic Withdrawals

Email our bookkeeper to receive information to set up automatic withdrawals. You may set up automatic giving for once or twice a month. 

NOTE: All donations are eligible for Canadian tax receipts issued from Surrey Pentecostal Assembly. Amounts are in Canadian dollars.

In the event funds for designated projects are abandoned or completed, surplus funds may be transferred back to unrestricted funds.