Great News! 

SPA Church now has two services IN THE BUILDING

Sunday's @ 9am & 11am

We look forward to see you wearing your mask!


We will be having two Services each Sunday

9am Worship Service & 11am Family Service.

We are allowed a maximum of 50 people per service with social distancing measures in place.

Registration is open every Thursday @ 9am. 

Please read our re-entry Procedure Manual before registering.

CLICK HERE to register for the 9am Worship Service

CLICK HERE to register for the 11am Family Service

Call the office if you need assistance: 604-575-2403

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kids ministry

Hey parents,

Here are a few ideas to spice up the fun in your household!

Something to Help You Celebrate the Big, Small, + in Between

This past week when my daughter set the table for dinner, she surprised us with art supplies and a piece of paper at each person's spot. Following her lead, after dinner our family sat at the table and drew self- portraits together. It was so fun and so simple! It made me think about how often I overcomplicate quality time. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, fancy, or planned. This weekend why not give your kids the opportunity and space to share how they would like to spend time with you and then say yes with your presence, time, and attention!” (Taken from: The Littles & Me) 


Fathers Impact Child Development

Did you know that when dads are involved with their kids at all ages and stages of childhood, they will help them grow and thrive! So Dads, what are you doing with your children this weekend?


Feeling Stuck and need to do something new as a family?

If you feel Stuck at home with your kids and need something new to do, why not try a 4-week trial of Adventures in Odyssey? (No Credit card needed, and free trial is for new members!


Helping to pray us all through this!

Pastor Nicole


  • We are asking everyone to pray at 7am & 7pm for the end of the virus, for those infected and those those trying to find an antidote  
  • If you are needing prayer call (604-574-2403) or email us