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Dr. Henry allows us to have 50 people in the building for Service

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Registration for Sunday, June 27th services available by clicking below or contact the office. (604-574-2403)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Hey everyone, 
SpaChurch has a Family Service online every Sunday that starts at 10:30am. If you go to Facebook or Youtube under:  spachurch, you will find us! In this half hour program, we have funny skits, current worship for kids, a memory verse, a variety of games and crafts, and we study a chapter or two from the Bible. Below you will find some fun worksheets that we have created to help drive home what was taught that week.  This is great to do around the table as a family. Learning together and staying together is key for Family Service.  When families learn together, they communicate and build trust with each other.  This builds stronger bonds in your family unit and towards God!

Why not tune in each week - SUNDAYS at 10:30am and grab the worksheets below!
Bless you all, Pastor Nicole

Series: "Good Habits"
Week One: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 12  | 
Week Two: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1, 2  | Week Three: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1
Week Four: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1 & 2 | Week Five: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1 & 2
Week Six: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 12 |Week Seven: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2
Week Eight: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2

Week Nine: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2

Week Ten: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2


  • We are asking everyone to pray at 7am & 7pm for the end of the virus, for those infected and those those trying to find an antidote  
  • If you are needing prayer call (604-574-2403) or email us