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Dr. Henry allows us to have 50 people in the building for Service

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Registration for Sunday, July 4th  services available by clicking below or contact the office. (604-574-2403)


We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Everyone must wear a mask

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Hey everyone, 

Check out the final sheets for this Series:

Series: "Good Habits"
Week One: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 12  | 
Week Two: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1, 2  | Week Three: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1
Week Four: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1 & 2 | Week Five: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1 & 2
Week Six: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 12 |Week Seven: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2
Week Eight: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2

Week Nine: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2

Week Ten: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2

Final Week: Memory Verse | Work Sheet: Page 1  & 2 


  • We are asking everyone to pray at 7am & 7pm for the end of the virus, for those infected and those those trying to find an antidote  
  • If you are needing prayer call (604-574-2403) or email us