We are convinced that the Christian community is key to living a successful and fulfilled Christian life. LIFT Communities are small groups that exist to help connect people by exploring the Bible, praying, reaching out and walking side by side in our journey of faith.


Contact [email protected] for AN address



    LEAD BY: Eileen

    WHERE: Fleetwood Area

    WHEN: Wednesdays @ 7 PM


    FOCUS: "What It Means To Be A Christian"

  • lift community (multicultural group)

    LEAD BY: Leonard & Leonora

    WHERE: SPA Church, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

    WHEN: Saturday | 7PM

    FOCUS: The Book of Acts

  • lift community (Women group)

    LEAD BY: Pat

    WHERE: Cloverdale Area

    WHEN:  Thursdays @ 10 AM

    FOCUS: The Forgotten Way

  • LIFT Community

    LEAD BY: Brian

    WHERE: Newton Area

    WHEN: Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM

    FOCUS: "Not Yet Christian" 

  • lift community

    LEAD BY: Seaford & Brenda

    WHERE: Tynehead Area

    WHEN: Thursdays @ 7:30 PM

    FOCUS: "Book of 2 Peter"

  • LIFT Community

    LEAD BY: Pastor Les

    WHERE: SPA Church | Room #106

    WHEN: Tuesdays @ 7 PM

    FOCUS: "1 Peter" | Recessed

  • LIFT Community

    LEAD BY: Wes

    WHERE: Cloverdale Area

    WHEN: Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM


    FOCUS: "Life Lessons from Jesus" | RECESSED

  • LIFt GROUP  (Young Woman Ages 18-30)

    LEAD BY: Pat

    WHERE: Port Kells Area

    WHEN: TBA -  Contact the church office for more information.

    FOCUS: Mentoring for Young Women.

                  Exploring Life Skills & Spiritual Values

  • lift community

    LEAD BY: Herb & Darren

    WHERE: Langley Area

    WHEN: Thursdays @ 7:30 PM

    FOCUS: "God Space" | RECESSED

  • Lift Community

    LEAD BY: Pastor Wes

    WHERE: Tynehead Area

    WHEN: Wednesdays @ 7 PM

    FOCUS: "Miracles"

life communities

These are common interest groups that gather around shared hobbies or interests. They meet irregularly but have a lot of fun together.


    LEAD BY: Ron

    WHERE: River or Lake

    WHEN: Contact us for details.

    A great time to fish, enjoying community and friendship in God's creation.

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