we will be providing

classes for ages 2-3 in house


Children aged 4-12 will be upstairs Theme: "Pirates that pray"

We provide care for...

  • Newborns (0-24 months)

    Nursing moms are invited to enjoy a designated room where you can nurse and care for your baby. Should you desire to leave your child with us, you can entrust their care with our qualified and dedicated workers. You can leave your cell phone number with our attendant. If your child needs you, we will provide a text alert  and you can respond immediately.

    Expect lots of cuddles and play time in a safe and fun environment. 

  • Toddlers (Ages 2-3)

    Your toddler will LOVE dancing to the music as they play and learn about God in a creative, hands-on way. We have lots of toys, puzzles and crafts for them to enjoy and explore. Our caring volunteers will get down on their level and play with the children while they get out all of their wiggles and giggles!

  • Preschoolers (Ages 4-5)

    Your child will begin their class with playtime, followed by worship along with the 6-9 year old class. After worship, the children will gather back in their class to hear and learn about God's truths. They will explore these Bible stories in a fun and exciting way. Expect lots of activity and crafts to bring the truths of the Bible to their world.

  • Children (Ages 6-9)

    Your child will begin with a few minutes in the games room and then will be lead to another class for worship. Their Bible lesson comes next, and you can expect creative teaching styles to be presented before time is made for the kids to respond to what they have learned. The kids are sure to be able to build relationships and make some awesome new friends!

  • Pre-teens (Ages 10-12)

    Your pre-teen will typically begin the morning in the main auditorium with the adults for worship, then head upstairs to the PreTeen room. You can expect your kids to dive deep into the Bible and play a couple of fun games! These studies will help build friendships and teach them to take ownership of their faith during the week.

Plan to Protect

At SPA Church, we take the safety of your children very seriously. All of our workers are screened with the highest standard of abuse protection, Plan to Protect, to ensure that your family can be at peace of mind with us.

Learn more at plantoprotect.com.

Needing support?

At SPA Church, we recognize that every family is uniquely blessed by God. However, sometimes these blessings can seem like they're making us go crazy!  Trust us, we've been there.

If you need support with parenting or facing specific challenges, we are here for you. If you are willing, we would love to walk alongside you in your unique family situation.